Introduction ESW


The Electronic Single Window (ESW system) is a one-stop service system that allows traders to submit all import/export related requirements in batch. Establishing an online-based service system for traders has a vital role in reducing process costs related with application, process delay and duplication of documents and by providing WEB service function it is possible to eliminate redundant input of information, as well as collecting various required confirmation materials such as inspection, verification, etc. from designated authorities. The ESW system provides the required information for traders through the intuitive UI screen.


The ESW system consists three main parts. a trader portal for trading partners, a CBRA portal for processing business requirements and a messaging Gateway system that links the trader portal with the CBRA portal.
  • Trader Portal: The trader submits the trade documents required for customs and border clearance electronically, views the processing procedures and various statistical information, and provides the function to pay the taxes and fees electronically.
  • CBRA Portal: It provides the function that the person in charge of the authorities to process electronically the verification, inspection and approval of the documents received through the trader portal.
  • Messaging Gateway: It handles the electronic document exchange between the trader portal and CBRA portal, provides customs declaration and tariff information, bank and electronic payment history and link the internal/external system data with CBRA.

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